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How to Clean Colonial Windows ?

Have you ever tried to clean Colonial Windows ?

They can be a very time consuming and frustrating to clean and detail.

Watch the two videos below to see how to clean them first if all on the outside using a professional purified water cleaning brush and system.

Then watch how they can be cleaned and detailed on the inside of Your Windows.

Feel free to contact Craig’s Cleaning Service on 0429845156 for any professional window cleaning services in the Riverland .

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Window Cleaning In Loxton South Australia

Here is a video of a window clean we did a couple of weeks ago
for one of our local builders, Broadscope Building.

In this video notice how the French windows come clean using our pure water system.

We can scrub clean the window frames and ledges as we clean .

Call Craig or Beate Crisp of Craig's Cleaning Service for your next detailed window
Clean on 0429845156.

Or have a look on our main website in the link below.

Upholstery Cleaning In Moorook and Loxton .

Getting your Upholstery Cleaned Can Be a real challenge.
Your Children and of course your biggest child in the family your husband can really give your Lounge Suite a bashing.

Over time you may see a buildup of oily type soil on the headrests and arms of your chairs .

This can be hard to remove by just using normal cleaning agents .

To be able to break up and remove the greasy soil you may need some professional steam cleaning tools.

Sometimes it is best to call in a professional upholstery Cleaner from the Riverland SA.

Watch Beate in the video above using our Quick Dry Steam Cleaning Tool to extract dirty and oily soil from a lounge Suite .

Give Craig or Beate Crisp of Craig's Cleaning Service a Call on 0429845156 for your next upholstery Clean.

Or have a look at more examples of our Cleaning on our main website below.

How to Clean Windows Without Streaks and Smudges?

There are many So called Streak Free Window Cleaning  agents you can buy on the supermarket shelves today.
But as you know they do not perform as expected and leave you feeling frustrated with the resulting streaks and smudges.
To really get a crystal clear finish on your windows often it is best to use a household dish detergent in water and to squeegee your windows clean.
But even then if you have not practiced your teqnique it can still result in frustrating streaks left on your glass.
So in that case sometimes it is best to take the plunge and call in a professional window cleaning service from the Riverland South Australia.
Craig and Beate Crisp of Craig's Cleaning Service , Loxton in the Riverland South Australia have been providing just such a service for over 23 years.

Watch the videos below of us in action to see how we can get your window clean and Streak free in no time.

Then give us a call or message us on 0429845156.

How Can I Reach My High Windows Safely ?

How Can I Clean My Solar Panels Safely in The Riverland ?

We can understand that you would worry how you can safely clean your Solar Panels In The Riverland when most are mounted on your roof or garage roof.

We can also clean your High Windows in the Riverland.

We have the professional equipment to do them for you safely .
Watch the videos below to see how we can professionally clean your Solar Panels using our waterfed extension pole and brush to scrub them clean.
We use no chemicals in our cleaning process only purified water .

Contact Craig or Beate Crisp on 0429845156 for your free quote.

Or have a look on our main website at our other cleaning services .

www.craigscleaningservice.comHow Can I wash my Solar Panels so they work effectively?

How Can I Reach My Awkward and High Windows Without a Ladder or Scaffold in the Riverland?

We'll worry no more we have the Professional Riverland Window Cleaning Service in the area that can help you.

We are able to reach those high and Awkward windows with our waterfed extension pole.

Purified water is pumped up to a brush on the end of the pole and the window are scrubbed clean .

Because we are using purified water the windows dry streak free and shiny .

Call Craig or Beate Crisp of Craig's Cleaning Service on 0429845156 for your Window Cleaning in the Riverland.

Who is the best Solar Panel Cleaning Service in the Riverland ?

Solar Panel Cleaning Is fast becoming a service that is really needed in the Riverland as many people realise that it helps keep their power prices down.

But they may wonder who to call for the service .

Craig and Beate Crisp of Craig's Cleaning Service are your Riverland Solar Panel Cleaning Service .

Watch the videos below of how we clean your Solar Panels with just purified water and no chemicals.

Give Craig or Beate a call on 0429845156 for your next Solar Clean.